About Us

Core Group of Engage:

This group has the following positions and in some instances individual names are dependent on their roles in the respective partner organisations they represent:

Chairperson: Mr. George Abraham, Disability Activist, Delhi

Vice Chairperson: Ms Jubin Varghese, Project Manager (Emmanuel Health Association)

Finance Facilitator:  Rev Asir Ebenezer, General Secretary (National Council of Churches in India – NCCI);

Members of Core Group: Rev. Dr. Mathew Abraham C.Ss.R. Director General (Catholic Health Association of India – CHAI); Fr George Kannanthanam, Secretary (CHAI);  Ms. Shilpa Barrey, Executive Director (Equip India); Mr. George Abraham (Individual);  Dr Christopher Bhaskeran,  (World Vision India)/ Mr Jacob Devabhakthula (World Vision India), Rev Ribin John, Executive Secretary (NCCI – IDEA); Dr. Judy John/ Rev Pearson (CMC Vellore); Rev Navagnana Prasad, Director (CSI SEVA); Ps. Anuj Jain (Deaf Services, Delhi); Mr Samuel Mani (Director, Neutron Computers); Ps. Theo Steaphens (GFI Church); Ms. Avitha Daniel (Jesus Enables & Agape); Dr BR Alamelu (Delhi); Ms. Ashe Kiba (General Secretary, Nagaland State Disability Forum -NSDF);

(Ex Officio): National Coordinator – Jessica Richard

Advisory Group of Engage:

To be updated …

Regional Hubs

Regional hubs provide a forum for individuals and organisations in a geographical area to learn, encourage and support each other in working towards the vision of including people with disabilities in faith communities. Each hub is a node for training, disseminating information, and advocating for change.

We currently have a national presence through the regional hubs that are located in various locations in India:

    1. Bangalore (Karnataka)
    2. Chennai (Tamil Nadu – North)
    3. Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh)
    4. Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
    5. Delhi
    6. Hyderabad (Telangana)
    7. Nagpur (Maharashtra)
    8. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
    9. Madurai (Tamil Nadu – South)
    10. Dimapur (Nagaland)
    11. Lamka (Churachandpur, Manipur)
    12. Bolangir (Odisha)
    13. Thiruvalla (Kerala)
    14. Mangalore (Karnataka)
    15. Vellore (Tamil Nadu)

Newly initiated hubs:

  1. Chikkbelapur (Karnataka)
  2. Herbertpur (Uttarakhand)
  3. Vijayawada (Telangana)
  4. Kakinada (AP)

Please email us at engagedisability@gmail.com for more information about these hubs. If you are interested in associating with any of these hubs we will connect you to the respective hub coordinators.

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