National Conferences

The ED conducts a National Conference once in three years as one of its activities.

The purpose of conducting the (triennial) National Conferences are:

  1. To bring together like-minded people and organizations who have a heart for disability 
  2. To develop strategies for ministry alongside those with disabilities in the church 
  3. To equip church leadership and laity for disability inclusion in the Church 
  4. To identify leaders with disabilities who can speak into disability issues to the Church

Click to know more about Engage Disability National Conference 2022

We have had three conferences until now: 2014 (New Delhi) and 2017 (Chennai). You can read more about them in the reports below.

Engage Disability Conference Report 2017

Engage Disability Conference Report 2014

Engage Disability Conference 2022 Highlights  [Full report available on request]



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