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Family Retreat: Dimapur, North East India

Arukah Network Northeast Cluster organised its first training programme on the topic “Family Retreat” in partnership with the Engage disability network. It was held on 25th and 26th of June 2018, at DAN Conference Hall, Dimapur. 18 participants attended the programme.

Report of Family Retreat Training

Date: 25-06-2018 & 26-06-2018

Venue: DAN Conference Hall, Dimapur


Arukah Network Northeast Cluster organised its first training programme on the topic “Family Retreat” in partnership with the Engage disability network. It was held on 25th and 26th of June 2018, at DAN Conference Hall, Dimapur. Total 18 participants attended the programme.

The training program begins with a brief introduction of the Resource Person by Mr. Jiji Joseph. It was followed by a self-introduction by the participants. The Resource Person began the session. She firstly introduced the content of the training. Then, the participants were divided into 4 groups. The Resource Person conveyed the general attitude of the people towards disability through the Biblical verse John Chapter 9. The groups were assigned to read John chapter 9, and each group were asked to focus on the question and response of particular character from the chapter.   She talked about the God’s design of disability through this chapter.

In the 2nd session, she introduced about Family Retreat, its objectives, purpose, principles and its benefits.  After the session, there was a game where each participant actively took part in it.

In the subsequent session after lunch, the Resource Person facilitates on planning the Family Retreat. Each group took separate topic to work on:

  • Core Team- Programme/ Retreat Coordinator
  • Partnerships- Participants
  • Logistics- Transportation and Finances
  • Medical and Behavioural
  • STM Management
  • Programme Committee.

The team presented after planning. The Action Plan of different Team includes:

  • STM (Short Term Missionaries) Management:
    1. Recruitment- Male an d Female
    2. Training:
      • Orientation
      • Sensitization
      • Goals (motivation)
      • Communication
      • Father’s Love
      • Standard Operation Protocol (emergency)
  • Call STMs two days ahead of the programme:
    • Retreat Orientation
    • Assign family to each STM, including arrangement to banner, decoration, gifts, etc.
  1. Post Programme:
    • Feedback
    • Encouragement and appreciation.
  • Logistics:
    1. Venue: Select venue as per the accessibilities in terms of infrastructure, medical, equipment such as wheel chairs, ramp, water facilities, toilets, and spacious.
    2. Possible venue: CIHSR, Niathu resort, Life spring Corner, NEZCC, and Noune Resort.
  • Food:
    • Inquiry beforehand from participants regarding the nature of food
    • Provision for special kitchen
  1. Transport:
    • For Families (enquire whether they own vehicle or not and arrange accordingly)
    • For STMs (one winger of Force)
    • Standby Ambulance for emergency
    • Back up Vehicle

(Vehicles will be arranged through donation from well-wishers)

  1. Date: December 1st to 3rd 2018.
  • Participants/ Partnership:
    1. NBCC, CAN, NCRC, Pentecostal, NCCI, and other like minded individual, govt. Departments, etc.
    2. Develop brochure on Family Retreat
  • T-shirt or cap for STM
  1. Certificate for STM
  2. Badge for the participants
  3. Family photo/ video for social media
  • Chief Minister and his family as the special guest; Disability commissioner and his family as the special guest
  • Medical assistance- DDRC
  1. Print and Electronic Media/ local cables
  • Retreat Programme

The day winded up with benediction prayer, followed by Photo session.


The session begins with an invocation prayer by Ms. Merepeni. There was a recap session, where each participant shared the points from the previous day. After the recap, the house discuss on whether to have Family Retreat or not. The participants shared their views and the house consented that it is important to have Family Retreat. The house also decided that it should be conducted on 1st to 3rd December, whereby the 3rd December also happened to be a “World Disability Day”.

In the next session, the participants planned the events. As per the plan, there will be different team, which will look after different aspect of the retreat. These are as follows:

  • Retreat Coordinator
  • Worship leader
  • Pastoral Care
  • Administrator/ logistic coordinator- rooms, halls, food, bills, transportation, finances
  • Program coordinator
  • Activity coordinator- games, crafts, talent show
  • Short Term Missionaries (STM) Coordinator
  • Medical & Behavioural coordinator (Emergencies)
  • Prayer Coordinator (chain prayer, specific prayer, etc)
  • Media
  • And there will be MC

The participants also planned the tentative program of the retreat.

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