Hub Coordinators’ Meeting

The ED network rests on and is sustained primarily by the work of the regional hubs. Many hubs were planned at the close of 2017 National Conference of Engage Disability. As a measure to revive hubs that couldn’t take off since, and as a way to build fellowship between existing hub coordinators and key persons, a virtual meeting of ED hub coordinators took place on the zoom platform on 11 October 2020.

With around 30 participants of whom 26 were hub coordinators or key persons in hubs, the meeting was a space for sharing of best practices by more active hubs, and an opportunity for hubs that have faced difficulties to find models for how hubs can begin to work as they listened to more active hubs. It also was a time for hub coordinators and key persons to express their challenges, share their suggestions for greater collaboration between ED secretariat and hubs, and be encouraged by news of upcoming events planned in the network. 

Hubs represented at the meeting were Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh), Chennai(Tamil Nadu North), Bangalore (Karnataka), Dehradun (North India), Delhi(Central India), Hyderabad (Telangana), East India (Odisha & Bihar), Kerala, North East India (Dimapur & Churachandpur), Nagpur (Central India), Madurai (Tamil Nadu South) and Vellore (Tamil Nadu North).

Rev Asir Ebenezer, Chair of ED, Dr Nathan Grills, Convenor of ED, Ms. Jubin Varghese, Vice Chair of ED, and Jessica Richard, National Coordinator participated in and facilitated the meeting.

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